Wednesday, December 8, 2010

12/8/2010 - Motel 6

Lemme tell you what I find the MOST sucky. Yeah, barfing was really bad, the nausea and headaches...but actually having to think of someone else before you make a decision for yourself BLOWS. For instance, Monday night I was teaching class. That day was especially grueling as I had to teach 4 classes (cardio/Pilates fusion, boot camp, a high-intensity weight lifting class and kickboxing, in that order). In class 3 I started to feel faint and vomity. Big time. Normally, I'd muscle through no big deal. But do you know what happened? I started thinking about this paragraph I read in some book about exercising when pregnant and how, due to weight lifting, this woman tore her uterine wall and was on bed rest for a month! A MONTH?! O-M-G! No way. Is that even real? Can that even happen? I scoffed when I read it, but now it's implanted on my brain. What to do? DAMN IT! I decided to pull way back to finish the class.
Then this morning, after a particularly crappy night of sleeping, I woke up feeling god awful. Feverish (no fever, says my $5 thermometer), nauseous, major headache. I had two classes to teach this morning. As I started getting dressed, Sweet Husband called. "You need to find someone to take your classes. You can't push it." and I knew he was right. WHAT KIND OF LIFE AM I LIVING?? Since WHEN do I sub out my classes at the gym because of feeling a little lill? Since WHEN do I lift light to no weight in a power lifting class? Since when do I pee myself when I jumprope??? SINCE WHEN!? Also, I'd like to mention, when I jump up and down now, it grosses me out in a big way. It feels like I have a small water balloon in my belly, just below my navel. It's just in there, bouncing around and making me gag. Sick.
On to other news, I have to finish up my genetic testing with a TWO AND A HALF HOUR sonogram session. Say WHAT now? Our baby better be hosting a kegger in there (then again that would require more than one fetus...unless he/she is a "drinks alone" kind of baby, in which case I've got bigger problems) because I am going to be bored to TEARS! SH has been bugging me to come along on doctor visits, so I said this one he could come to. Then he finds out about the time and goes "uhhh..." HA! Perfect.
My stomach continues to bulge but luckily my jeans still fit. I think my boobs have stopped growing, which is quite a drag.


  1. So, is it just me... I don't get the Motel 6 reference?

  2. Ah yes, of course. Feeling like a motel. Having to worry about my guest in addition to myself. It may have been reaching...