Tuesday, December 28, 2010

12/28/2010 - BEautiful!

Well folks, I did it. I went out and got me a Be Band. For those of  you who don't know what it is, the Be Band is a stretchy piece of fabric, like a HUGE headband, that goes over the waist band of your pants and allows you to wear them, wait for it, UNBUTTONED. I'm sure by next Thanksgiving these babies will be flying off the shelves for all the over eaters out there. Why did I never think of this?? Anyway, I was fighting it. Hard. "I mean, PLEASE! I can still button my jeans" I'd say as I'm writhing on the floor trying to make the top button clasp only to sit up and feel as if I was about to spontaneously miscarry. No thank you. So I got the fat girl expander. Very exciting. Now I can breathe deeply from a seated position and feel the waistband strrrrrrrrretch! Ah, comfort!
My newest pic...
HOLY CRAP, right? My gut now sticks out more than my ribcage? Fantastic. And before you go saying "You can hardly tell!" (some of you are thinking "I wasn't about to say that) I will remind you what week 6-ish looked like...
Do you see the abs I actually had? Now come on and cry with me. The worst part is, I'm not showing enough that it looks like I'm pregnant. Right now it just looks as if I eat too much pasta and I'm TELLING you this morning when I went to Starbucks and got a blueberry scone (460 calories people, I know), the man next to me glanced at my gut. Sweet Husband says I'm nuts but it happened.
Speaking of SH, we just got back from visiting his brother and sister-in-law in Maui, where we spent our Christmas holiday. Sun, surf and snorkeling! Wanna hear what rained on my parade? Well, aside from missing out on tropical libations, my sister-in-law is 9 months pregnant and due ANY DAY now. Looking at her just made me realize how far I have to go, not to mention the fact that she looked at a 12 week pic of herself and said "I have no memory of being that small". Does the cruelty ever end?
On a more positive note, I feel as if someone has flipped a switch and I'm miraculously back to *almost* normal. Nausea only happens when I haven't eaten (or discuss chicken or spinach) and puking is a thing of the past (except for the 50 yard dash I did while dining sea side in Hawaii - I wish I could blame the food but it hadn't arrived yet). I no longer need a 2 hour nap in the middle of the day (so far, although I did sleep quite a bit on my beach chair), and I got through a two hour workout last night without having to stop ONCE! Sweet action!
Okay, here are the Blogger details as many of you have been asking me. Blogger will not email you every time I post something, you just have to check in whenever you think about it. Also, all of my posts can be read by looking over to the right (go ahead! Look!) and under Blog Archive it has all of my posts from the past. Click on any of them to read. And people, if you read this with any regularity, please FOLLOW me. I have 6 followers which is utterly pathetic and I know there are a whole bunch of you out there. Give a girl a break. I might have a hormonal swing any second now and you don't want to be on the receiving end.
Off to teach kickboxing...fingers crossed!

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