Monday, November 15, 2010

11/15/2010 - Did somebody say martini??

Just in case you aren't following each painful moment of my pregnancy (and why would you? Your life is chugging along normally! Lucky you), I am now entering Week 9. Since I feel I really learned dick about all of this in Health class, I'm following along with a website that tells you what to expect week by week. On that topic, pardon me, WHEN were we told our body hair grows like the Chia Grass on the Chia Pet commercial? Did someone ever mention that you can no longer hug like a human being because your boobs are so sore you think they might pop? *sigh*
This week, my little tic tac is developing an anus. Very handy! But what I found most interesting is that the size of the lil' thing was likened to a martini olive! OMG! I just hope it's bleu cheese stuffed. Before this "blessed" event, Sweet Husband and I would have Martini Sunday. Sometimes friends would stop by, sometimes we'd be alone, but we'd ALWAYS have one too many and be really mad Monday morning. In fact, I almost completely forgot martinis were ever invented! Now the thought of alcohol of any sort (also coffee, broccoli and orange juice) makes me dry heave. Awesome!
I've also decided that I am going to hate any person who just adores their pregnancy. I recently heard someone say "I keep a journal on the kitchen counter for my husband and I to record our feelings throughout the day. Then we can discuss them later AND have a pregnancy journal all at the same time!" ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Listen, I love SH and all, but I'm not overly concerned as to what HE'S feeling right now. I'm sure it's something like this "Holy shit, 8 more months of this? Shutting down..."
Yeah, it's just so beautiful, isn't it? From the inability to crap, to leg hair you can braid 3 hours after shaving, to barfing in the gym toilet (Friday!), this really is the best time in my life. Beats the hell out of the time I streaked down 2 blocks of a crowded Chicago street  on a dare, or saw the Parthenon for the first time in person, or moved into my very first apartment. This certainly beats it all.

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